Updates as FA bosses and Aluko appear in front of MPs – BBC Sport

FA chairman Greg Clarke is criticised for referring to institutional racism as “fluff”. He quickly apologies after being chastised by the committee.

“What has established, putting aside all the fluff about, you know, institutional racism, no institutional bullying,” he says.

The fact you describe it as fluff speaks volumes,” says Julie Elliott MP. “Language matters.”

“I accept your point and what I was trying to say, maybe badly, is I could get distracted by the irrelevant,” Clarke adds. “I shouldn’t have said fluff. I could have come in and said, well Katharine Newton said there’s no evidence of systemic bullying, there’s no evidence of systemic racism.

“But that’s not the issue, that’s why I mis-characterised it as fluff. I didn’t want to talk about that, what I wanted to talk about was the material issue and I apologise for phrasing it badly. The material issue is twice an England player with 100 caps was exposed to a situation where racist abuse happened. That is a fundamental breach of our duty of care for that person and I feel very bad about that.”


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