State travel ban could sideline SDSU sports – The San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego State women’s soccer team is scheduled to play at Texas Tech on Sept. 15. A week later, the men’s soccer team plays a pair of games at Texas-Rio Grande Valley.

It might be the last time an Aztecs team or athletic department personnel visit the state of Texas for a while.

A California law enacted Jan. 1 prohibits most forms of state-funded travel to places with legislation deemed discriminatory, particularly toward gay and transgender people. The initial no-go list included four states: Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. Four more were added in June: Alabama, Kentucky, Texas and South Dakota.

The travel ban theoretically applies to agencies that receive state tax dollars, which includes the CSU and UC university systems. But what that means for their athletic departments, which regularly venture out of state for games and recruiting, remains an open and, to many, anxious question.


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