Sen. Ben Sasse works as Uber driver after losing sports bet: ‘No wrecks, no moving violations so far’ – ABC News

Sen. Ben Sasse isn’t quitting his day job, but he did take a break Friday night from his congressional duties to be an Uber driver.

The Nebraska Republican bet a journalist last year that the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers would defeat the Iowa Hawkeyes in a game last November. The loser would have to be an Uber driver in the winning team’s home state while wearing the team’s gear.

Well, Nebraska lost 40-10. So being a man of his word, Sasse took to the streets of Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday and documented on Twitter his stint working with the car-sharing app.

“Lots of riders chanted ’40-10′ at me. It hurt,” tweeted Sasse, a reference to the game’s score.

Sasse jokingly boasted, “No wrecks, no moving violations, and limited shouting so far….”

Decked out in a Hawkeyes T-shirt and baseball cap, Sasse tweeted a photo of himself with three young passengers, writing, “These kids made me carry them through downtown Des Moines…#UberShouldersEdition.”

Tweeting about another fare, he wrote, “turns out the two young moms I just dropped off are hilarious…& their ideas for how to toughen up America should probably not be repeated.”

In reference to another one of his passengers, he tweeted, “”My husband just wears underwear.” –weirdest shout-out from a woman in the backseat of my uber tonight.”

Sasse was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper last week if his apperance at a fundraising dinner Friday night in Iowa was a possibile indicator that he presidential aspirations.

“Let’s be clear why I’m going to be in Iowa this weekend,” Sasse said. “I don’t want to admit it anywhere, let alone on national TV, but Nebraska lost to Iowa last year in a football game, and I lost a bet, so I have to drive Uber in Iowa next weekend. So that’s the reason I’m going to be in Iowa. It’s about Hawkeyes and Huskers bloodletting on the football field and the aftermath of that.”


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