Chris Christie tries out for New York sports radio, addresses Beachgate photo –


Chris Christie is trying out a new gig. 

It’s a new page in the life of Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor is facing all-time low approval ratings of 15 percent,  according to a Monmouth University poll, which may explain why he’s trying his hand at sports radio in New York. Christie drew ire (and ridicule) leading into the July 4 holiday weekend when photos arose of him and his family on a beach that was closed to the public. The photos came during a time of government shutdown, which was responsible for a great deal of the outrage.

Christie has approximately six months left in office before the next elections, and sports radio might be his next step if his appearances go well. Christie, a huge Mets fan, said that he was wearing New York Mets gear the day that an reporter snapped the photos of him. He also wouldn’t apologize for the beach day, claiming not to care about “political optics.” Christie should fit in nicely with the New York radio sports scene, in any case. He has unabashedly taken shots at Philadelphia fans in the past on CBS Sports Radio’s “Boomer & Carton Show.” 

The beach controversy, however, isn’t simply going to go away. After a caller that was only identified as “Mike from Montclair (New Jersey)” told Christie to go to public beaches instead of staying on private ones, Christie replied “I love getting calls from communists in Montclair.” Francesa had some advice for Christie, saying that “his favorability numbers right now are really bad. … A lot of people don’t like him. … So he’s got to change that.”

Francesa had more advice for Christie, speaking through more of a sports journalist’s lens. “Number two,” he said. “If you really are passionate about the games and you love the games, it’s a job you can do. But it’s got to be a lifestyle.” 

Christie has the means and the passion for the latter requirement — but he roots for the wrong NFL team. He’s a lifelong Cowboys fan, and an awkward hugger of Jerry Jones, which should go over really well on New York sports radio. 

One thing Christie does have going for him with New York fans is that he hates the Eagles and has even been on the receiving end of mean comments from Philadelphia politicans.  “He insulted Giants fans,” said Ed Rendell, the Pennsylvania governor back in January. “And the northern half of New Jersey are Giants fans — and he insulted Eagles fans — and the southern half of New Jersey are Eagles fans. So he basically insulted everyone in his entire state. That’s pretty smart.”   

With that being said, everyone loves a good villain in sports radio. If Christie really leans into his Cowboys fandom, he may get chased out of New York doing it, but he’ll get ratings. 


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