Chelsea fans paying double Arsenal supporters to watch team on Sky Sports –

While football fans regularly complain about the soaring cost of match tickets, new analysis shows that for supporters of many clubs it can be cheaper to pay to go to a game than watch on TV.

Fans of Premier League champions Chelsea are forking out a mighty £40 a game to watch their team on TV, while Arsenal fans are paying half that price.

This means Arsenal fans can make a hefty saving by not going to games at the Emirates, where the most expensive ticket costs £95. However Crystal Palace, who are currently rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table, don’t represent such a good saving, with games costing £80 each on TV, while the most expensive match ticket is £45.

The analysis, by MoneySuperMarket, is based on the number of times each team will appear on Sky Sports in the first 14 matches of this season and the cost of a subscription.

Surprisingly Chelsea sit in the bottom half of the table for value, only appearing on Sky four times, while newly promoted Brighton are seventh. Wayne Rooney’s Everton will have clocked up seven games on the box and sit at third for value, with an average cost of £22.86 per game.


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