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Western Michigan University students are afforded a unique opportunity not seen at many places in Division I sports: the ability to go to athletic events for free, with a Student ID, of course. But the toughest part about being at one of these sporting events is finding just the right spot to watch all the action. In part one of this three-part series, I took a look to see where the best seats in the house are for the three spring sports: Baseball, softball and track and field.


Robert J. Bobb Stadium at Hyames Field has a lot of unique history behind it, being home to the first two editions of the College World Series in 1947 and 1948. Famous players, such as future American League MVP Jackie Jensen from the University of California and future United States President George H.W. Bush from Yale University, played on that field during the first CWS.

The stadium itself was once thought of as having the best facilities in the country, and even now, almost 80 years since it was first constructed, the stadium still has a few unique spots in which to catch a ballgame. However, only one stands out.

Because the stadium was carved into a hill, there is a grassy knoll down the right field line. It’s not too steep of a hill and it’s a perfect place to grab a blanket or lawn chair, relax, and get a great view of all of the action. It’s popular with families and others, so get there early to claim a spot.


Ebert Field, located in the direct shadow of Robert J. Bobb Stadium, does not have the extensive history of its baseball counterpart, nor does it have the unique seating of it, either.

The only seating to be had at Ebert is a small grandstand behind home plate seating approximately 400 fans with a metal ramp and stairs leading up to it. However, there is still decent seating to be had in the stadium.

The best place to sit is in the fifth row, a few rows from the top, on the aisle, just off to the right of home plate. It’s a good angle to view all the action from behind home plate, get out of your seat if you need to get food and complain about the umpire’s strike zone during the game.

Track and Field

Kanley Track is the home for all the outdoor track and field events, and it’s easily accessible, just behind the Student Recreation Center and University Arena parking lot. It was formerly a part of Waldo Stadium itself, before moving across Stadium Drive to its current location.

As for seating, there are two grandstands; a main one near the finish line of the oval track, and a small one underneath the east end storage facilities. The best spot to watch the track and field team is in the main grandstand, right at the finish line for the track events on the far end, about three rows from the top.

This angle gives a great view of the finish line of the track events, including a decent view of the backstretch, and a good view of the different field events: long jump, pole vault, and even the high jump, as well.

In part two, the best seats in the house for fall sports: football, volleyball and soccer.


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