Adrian Peterson joins the Arizona Cardinals – Skip and Shannon react –

– I never thought this marriage work.

– Hmm.

– Skip, when we started talking about it–

– You said it.

– I said I just don’t, I just don’t see the fit.

– Yep.

– I’m glad. The Arizona Cardinals have the worst rushing attack currently in football. David Johnson their all-star, superstar running back is injured. The earliest he could come back is November 9th. I’m believing if you thought he could come back then, you don’t make this move.

Bruce Arians mentioned something around Christmas. Well if you’re going to wait until Christmas, why bring him back at all then? I like this move. Give Adrian Peterson a chance to go somewhere, a team that needs him, and that’s going to use them. He has to get 20 carries in order for success

– I thought it would work in New Orleans, but I knew it was over on opening night at Minnesota when Adrian gave that death stare to Sean Payton at the end of the first half. I said bridge burned, forget about it. And yet I just thought he would add some pop to them. I think they’ve turned it around. They’re coming off their bye week. Now, 2 and 2. Detroit goes there this weekend.

But Mark Ingram and Kamara’s been better than I think even advertised. And yet I’m happy for Adrian because he’s going to get a chance to perform. They’re averaging 52 yards rushing a game. And they’re at 2 and 3 so they still think they got a fighting chance in that division.

– Right.

– And I root for Bruce Arians because he’s a good guy. And I think he’s got a very good guy in Adrian right now. I think there’s a lot left in that tank.


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