Anti-Olympics group stages protest at LA 2024 presentation – Los Angeles Times

A grass-roots coalition that opposes holding the Olympics in Los Angeles staged its first public protest Friday, walking in on a private meeting that included bid officials.

Showing up at a Van Nuys hotel with placards that read “No! No! No!,” about 20 members of the group NOlympics LA were quickly ushered out of a Chamber of Commerce breakfast where LA 2024 bid officials had been invited to give a presentation.

“They want to follow the sun,” coalition member Anne Orchier said, referring to the bid committee’s motto. “We want to shine a light on what’s happening.”

NOlympics LA, which continued its protest outside the hotel, believes the Summer Games would divert funding and attention from more urgent issues facing the city. It also has concerns about potential displacement of low-income residents and crackdowns on the homeless in the run-up to the massive sporting event.


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