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Instead of shrinking back and acting out fear that fans might be turned away by the team’s celebration of LGBT pride, the Seattle Mariners stood their ground on social media.

On the team’s Facebook account, the Mariners announced they were “proud to celebrate equality,” changing the team’s profile picture to an image of the Mariners logo in the foreground of a rainbow pride flag.


Seattle Mariners Facebook

Some fans weren’t happy about the update. They typed out their thoughts of displeasure. “I won tickets, but I’m not going to a game that celebrates ungodliness,” wrote one fan. “It’s sad our society has been duped to believe that this is something to celebrate. When the Mariners have a Christian Pride Night let me know!”

Whoever runs the Mariners Facebook account wasn’t having it. “It doesn’t take any ‘duping’ to celebrate equality and acceptance, something that’s been preached for thousands of years. And, Faith and Family Day is July 7th. See you there.” 

Of course, somebody dropped a “stick to baseball” comment. Last week, I wrote about this common knee-jerk social media response and received the customary Pavlovian response from a Twitter user who didn’t like it.

For the Mariners, the advice they received came in this comment: “Just stick to baseball and keep winning and stop making political statements. Its not your job. Win a world series.”

As with the comment about “ungodliness,” the Mariners responded: “It’s not our job to celebrate veterans. Or salute volunteers. Or visit kids in schools around the Seattle community. But, like this, we do it anyway — because it’s the right thing to do.”


Deion Sanders Teaming Up With The Koch Network

Deion Sanders (Photo: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for On Location Experiences)

Hall of Fame defensive back Deion Sanders has joined with a Koch backed network to fight poverty in Dallas.

Last weekend, Sanders and a leader of the Koch network announced Prime 5, a three-year, $21 million initiative to support local organizations in North Texas, according to the Washington Post.

The pairing could seem odd. Befitting the era of his career, Sanders, who played professional baseball and football, cultivated an ego-driven “Primetime” “Neon-Deion” persona in his playing days. The conservative-minded Koch network does participate in philanthropic endeavors, but is mostly known for pouring millions of dollars into elections. 

After the announcement establishing Prime 5, Sanders darted past any political meaning in the partnership and pointed to the focus of the initiative.

“I don’t want to get into politics,” he said. “I’m into the kids. I’m into the disenfranchised. I’m into the lower-income neighborhoods …”

Meditation At The U

Football players at the University of Miami participated in a study on meditation. They practiced in 12-minute sessions in the team’s gym after strength workouts during last year’s preseason. The study found that the more a player practiced meditation or relaxation exercises, meaning completing sessions outside of the 12-minute post-workout ones, the greater benefits were seen. More can be found on the study in the April Journal of Cognitive Enhancement and a recent New York Times story.

Jerry Barca is the author of Big Blue Wrecking Crew: Smashmouth Football, A Little Bit of Crazy and the ’86 Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.


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