It’s like Jon Lester and Jose Quintana created a baseball version of HORSE – Chicago Tribune (blog)

For those of you scoring at home, one day after newly acquired Jose Quintana struck out 12 and walked none while allowing just three hits in seven scoreless innings in Baltimore, Jon Lester held the Braves to one run in seven innings while also allowing just three hits to go along with six strikeouts and one walk.

Pitching six innings while allowing three runs or fewer is called a quality start. Throwing seven innings of two runs or fewer should be called an outstanding start. Because that’s what Quintana and Lester were.

It’s as if the two lefthanders created their own little baseball version of H-O-R-S-E for the right to start the playoff opener.

The Cubs bats won Quintana’s start early, bombing the fraudulent major league pitching the Orioles run out there. The Cubs bats had to come back against the Braves, sandwiching run-scoring hits from Ben Zobrist and Addison Russell around yet another Anthony Rizzo homer.


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