A nation turns its envious eyes to Cleveland for Sunday Night Baseball – Let’s Go Tribe


I’ll be at this one, recapping from the car on the way back as well. Isn’t it great to have a sister who is willing to drive / too nice to admit that she really doesn’t want to?

As the streak continues, the power of superstition builds. I’ve not worn a hat during a game for the entire streak, and frankly hope I never see one again if it means the Indians never lose. A friend of mine is listening to games only on the radio at this point because he hasn’t seen the TV broadcast of any games during the streak. Also, in-stadium host Gabriela is making a string of odd, probably caffeine-influenced videos to keep the streak going.

I don’t care if we all have to dip into temporary insanity — it would be worth it for the all-time winnings streak record. We must all sacrifice for the greater good.

Last note, Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur drafted “funnest players” this week on the Poscast. Our own Francisco Lindor is one of the sixteen selections, with Jose Ramirez and Edwin Encarnacion receiving honorable mentions. The two did agree that the Indians are the most fun team overall, but we knew that already.

Also important: here are….

If Bauer keeps snapping his curveball like an airbender, then I feel very good about tonight’s match-up.


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